They Call Me Pops!
My Fitness Journey

Our newest Tailor Made Gainz (TMG) team member, Emanuel came into my office after our morning weight-lifting session. He asked, "What should I call you?" 

I told him to call me what he was most comfortable calling me, and that some call me Mr. White, that some call me The Storyteller. But in the gym, they call me Pops!

The practice of calling me Pops was at first mysterious. After one of our team workouts, several of our (TMG) teammates said; ‘Bye Pops!' I thought nothing of it and said, "Okay, I'll see you tomorrow!" 

One day when my team arrived for our daily weight-lifting session; they all greeted me in unison with,” Hi Pops, how are you?" I thought they were calling me pops because I was the oldest person on the team.  

I was on the team to represent TMG in the Master's Physique competition. The Master's Division is for 40-year-olds and up. I was 61 years old and the oldest member of the team. I thought to myself it makes sense; that’s why they call me Pops.

Still, it kept eating away at me; why are all of these people calling me Pops? 

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