RW Power Series

RW Power Series

Excerpt from "They Call Me Pops"

by Rodney White on 06/11/17

“Success is usually the culmination of controlling failure.”

- Sylvester Stallone, actor

My son began playing football in the second grade.  During those little league years, they played both sides of the ball.  (Offense and Defense)  I even helped coach for several years.  He played football in middle school, high school, and ultimately received a scholarship to play in college. He graduated from Marian University in Indianapolis Indiana. Chris had always dreamed of playing professional football.  As a matter of fact, there were a couple of agents that wanted him to use their services.  Chris chose Anthony W. Simpson to represent him.

It was exciting for his mom and I to be included in the process.  Through his agent; talks began with the Washington Redskins and even a brief conversation with the Indianapolis Colts.  As it turned out Chris was not signed by the NFL.  He did, however, sign a contract to play professionally for the Iowa Barnstormers Arena Football League!  The Barnstormers offered him a contract to play in the final 2 weeks of the 2011 season.  

The rest of this story was exciting, fun and down right incredible!  "They Call Me Pops" will be released in a few short weeks!

Rod the Storyteller

Where do great stories come from?

by Rodney White on 05/17/17

Storytelling requires that we go deep inside of our hearts, our minds and our souls; once there we simply need to use the power within and boldly share our stories. 

In other words, simply tell the story that is in your heart and it will be heard by many.




A Force of Nature - Are you the best in your field?

by Rodney White on 09/21/16

Continuing the series on my favorite quotes, I will give you valuable information designed to help you succeed; no matter your field or endeavor.    

"I've known lots of people that are talented and nothing happens. It's not about talent, it's relentless drive."

~Julie Brown~

This quote from Julie Brown is absolutely 'on point!'  Let me explain.  When you become an uber focused force of nature, nothing will deter you from achieving your goals and objectives!  As pointed out by Julie Brown, that uber focus must be backed by a relentless pursuit of the actions needed to succeed.

For example you simply need to;  compute your goals for the entire year.  Next decide on what action plans you would need to put into place in order to achieve all of your (an entire years worth) goals in a single month.  

I know it may seem absurd but please bare with me.  Remember, I began with telling you it takes an uber focus backed by relentless pursuit?  
I will guarantee you that if you approach the necessary action steps in this fashion, by the end of the year you will be at the top of your field!

Uber focus and relentless pursuit!  Go forth and be successful!

Rod The Storyteller


My favorite quotes series

by Rodney White on 08/10/16

I will be writing a series of my favorite quotes and many of them will of course include the benefits of storytelling.  Some of the tips/quotes will come from my latest book "Sales Secrets of the Left Eye" and some will come from my Power of Story workshop!  Please enjoy the short story below!

By the way, the next Power of Story workshop is Saturday August 20th from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm.  Go to the Power of Story tab to register.

Rod The Storyteller

"Engage your audience by selling stories. Begin the story even before doing introductions and use this to get their attention and take full control. What kind of story should you tell?  The best stories are stories that your prospect can relate to. Tell a story about one of your customers who had a big problem and how they solved it by working with you.  Make the story engaging by telling it in vivid detail-who was effected by the problem, how it was impacting them, and how did the solution change all of this?

Take your feature benefit points and weave them into the story.  They will have ten times the `impact and will be remembered when delivered this way."

~Shamus Brown

Why Tell Stories? Excerpts from Sales Secrets of the Left Eye - Harnessing the Power of Story

by Rodney White on 01/25/16

Why Tell Stories?


“But silence is not a natural environment for stories. They need words. Without them they grow pale, sicken and die. And then they haunt you.” 
? Diane Setterfield, “The Thirteenth Tale”



e tell stories because facts tell but stories sell.  We tell stories because we are public speakers or we give presentations in our careers.  Negotiations, Networking and Interviewing are all areas where well placed storytelling will pay dividends. 

     Storytelling has health benefits; Neurotransmitters - Serotonin, Dopamine and Endorphins.  Do you know how when listening to an excellent speaker, you sometimes get goose bumps?  What you are experiencing is a chemical reaction to the commentary.  Everyone has an opportunity to add value to others, and sharing our stories is a perfect way to do so.

     If the reasons above are not enough, please consider how every story carries with it a seed of relationship building.  When we share stories the listener(s) will always have a relational experience.  As an example, think of the last story that you heard a speaker tell.  You listened and then you thought, “Yeah that happened to me!”  (Or someone you know). Check out these two stories in Chapter one...

     The first story is from a gentleman recalling a teacher who had a profound effect on his life. The next story is from a young lady recalling her experience on 9/11.  Both stories are emotional and inspirational.  Read along, and you will relate to those special influences in your own life.  You will begin to understand the importance of adding value to others through your own stories!