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Lead from the Front!

by Rodney White on 08/09/18

The mind and the body are powerfully incredible instruments.  During my morning workout with my bodybuilding team, we worked on legs.  My body was still sore from legwork two days prior.  My mind, however, had a different story to tell.  You might say that I willed myself to "get into" the workout. 

Ironically, sometimes my body is ready to do what I train it to do, but my mind is not quite ready.  But the times that I am operating in "the zone" are the times that my mind and my body are in sync!  The is no weight that can stop me!

Leadership is that way.  We lead at times with our minds.  In other words, we use our job knowledge and learned skills to get the job done even in the absence of team buy-in and support.  Other times we use the team (The body of our business) without offering our expertise.  

But when we are in sync, when we lead the team balancing their talents and offer the benefit of our experience; up to and including leading by example; that is when the magic happens!  That is when we are "leading from the front!"   

The next time that you walk through the hallowed halls of your business use all of the resources at your disposal.  Get your mind and your body in sync and continue leading from the front.

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