In Partnership with FWC Personal Training we now offer fitness training!  RW and Associates wanted to bring you a full menu of services that can serve your mind, body and soul.  Adding fitness training was a natural fit with our business coaching, our communication coaching and our life coaching services.  Call today for your free fitness assessment!  Ask for Certified Personal Trainer, and Master's Professional Physique winner, Rod the Storyteller White!

FWC Personal Training is a one stop fitness shop for clients who really want to see results. We offer a variety of services that include, but are not limited to, fitness programs and nutritional guidance. If you are ready to commit to your body and the goals you set, we are the perfect company to help you do so.  

Our facilities create a family atmosphere and allow you to have maximum focus so that you can reach your fitness goals. Our trainers are certified and passionate about their careers. This will ensure that you are getting the proper instructions and motivational push you will need to succeed. Join our Fitness Family Now!


In 2012 FWC Personal Training was started in the trunk of Owner Chris White’s truck. All he had was vision and a persistent work ethic that would help grow FWC into a brand known for helping thousands of people transcend into healthier lifestyles. FWC Personal Training is going into it’s fifth year of providing world class training and nutritional services to our clients.

One-on-one training with a personal trainer (40 minutes per session). FWC’s One-on-One Training is unique and does not allow the body to adapt training with Body Weight Exercises, Functional Training mixed with Free Weights and Exercise Machines. 80% of our specialty regimens will be done with free weights and resistance.

• General Health and Fitness
• Competition Training
• Photo Shoot
• Pre-Wedding
• Pre-Anniversary Transformation
• Modeling Transformation
• During and after Pregnancy

Training with 3 or more people with a personal trainer (40 minutes per session). Our High-Intensity Group Training proves that conditioning your body is achievable. FWC delivers experience, inspiration, intensity, challenging workouts that have been proven to burn calories, ignite metabolism and your energy.

Is instructed and guided by Chris White and John Carter. Together they have produced and transformed the physique of figure, bikini, physique and bodybuilders. Our team Tailor Made Gainz (TMG) is affiliated with the Naturally Fit Federation as promoters, but compete in many different federations across the US. 
Rod "The Storyteller" White
Naturally Fit Federation
Masters PRO Physique Winner
and author of They Call Me Pops
Chris (Minister of Fitness) White and Rod (The Storyteller) White
Father and Son Naturally Fit Federation Pros