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I have a secret. But, it won’t be secret for long! I’m sharing this one with you, my readers! My name is Rod “the Storyteller” White. As a Professional Speaker and speaker coach, helping people at all levels of public speaking is an honor.

The reason for writing this book is to help as many people as possible face glossophobia. Glossophobia or speech anxiety is the fear of public speaking. Some people have this specific phobia, while others may also have a broader social phobia or social anxiety disorder. It is said that 75% of Americans have a fear of public speaking.

Many clients come to me because they are afraid to speak in public. They get flustered which increases their anxiety level. I had one client who suffered from social anxiety.  
Another client whose palms sweated so much that you could see the sweat drops when she spoke. Others come to me because even though they talk in public all the time, they want to ensure that their presentation is ‘on point!’ Many are clients that run for public office, and they want to speak well when involved in candidate forums, meet and greets, and debates.

Also, I have many teen aged, and some pre-teen clients whose parents send them to me in part due the enormous time they spend on their cell phones and video games. Too many of our children are growing up minus the social skills that they will need to succeed in the world. Parents want their teens armed with interview skills for college entrance and future employment. The bottom line with teens is that young people who are afraid to speak in public, grow up to be adults who are afraid to speak in public. Seeking coaching for your youth is an investment that will pay off for the rest of their lives!

Order your copy of Fight the Fright today and find how reading this book will change your life!