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Rod White spent 30 years in the Real Estate Lending Industry. He served as Senior V.P. over Mid-West Sales and Operations. Training Sales and Operations staff on Leadership, Sales, and Teamwork, he managed a 1.3 billion-dollar lending portfolio. 

Rod completed the AFSA management certification at the Keenan-Flagler Business School at University of North Carolina. Originally form Detroit Michigan, Rod lived in Indianapolis IN for 23 years before relocating to Houston TX where he has lived since 2004. Rod lives with his wife Dreamer, they have two children and 6 grandchildren.

Known as Rod “the Storyteller,” he provides online and in-person coaching and workshop sessions. Rod’s clients include an international client base. He has coached people from the USA, India, Africa, Israel, Croatia, Egypt, Mexico, and China. Rod has coached over 25 TED Talk speakers as they prepared for the talk of their lives.

Rod has written four books, An Amazon Best Seller, The Power of Networking, Sales Secrets of the Left Eye, They Call Me Pops, a Fitness Journey, and Fight the Fright, Gaining Public Speaking Confidence. All of these books are available on Amazon.com in paperback as well as Kindle download format. 

 Rod’s hobbies include fitness and bodybuilding, in 2016 he became a professional bodybuilder and fitness coach. When considering Rod’s Life Coaching, Sales and Communication coaching abilities, adding these new skills allows Rod to coach the Mind, Body, and the Soul!

1.The Power of Story - delves into how humans are hardwired to learn by stories. We use stories to teach law, to teach medicine, and to pass on our values. You can plug into stories to get your audience to identify with your brand or product.

2.Pitch-Perfect  Develop your Elevator Pitch: Sometimes you only have a few minutes to make your pitch so it has to be perfect. Pitch Perfect will help you develop the skills needed in order to narrow your pitch to the one single statement that will mean the most to your client so you can grab them between floors.

3.The Power of Networking - Everyone says you have to network, but nobody really tells you how. Well, we’re here to tell you how you can network without being that annoying person at all the conferences that’s trying to network 'at' instead of with you. We’ll help you learn how to be genuine and represent your company well at all times.

4.The Power of Public Speaking - So much of modern business is public speaking, from sales presentations, to strategy meetings, to corporate retreats, if your workforce is good at public speaking, you’ll be a more efficient organization overall, and you’ll be better able to take advantage of the opportunities in front of you.

5.The Power of Communication - for those that speak English as a second language: There is no such thing as a local economy anymore. Everything and everyone is global, and increasingly, English is becoming the language of business. If your English is not as good as it needs to be, we can help you get better.

6.Leadership and Teamwork Concepts - communication is fundamental to the smooth operation of any enterprise. In this workshop, we’ll help you and your team develop the skills necessary to compete in a modern economy. 

If you or your staff need help communicating, or if you just need a speaker for a corporate retreat, give me a call, I can help.

Call Today! 281-673-7954                                                                               Email: rodwhite@rw-andassociates.com

Concepts In Leadership and Teamwork.
An indoor leadership and teamwork concepts course.

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